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 Love is Dead (Totgeliebt)

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Demi Kaulitz
Demi Kaulitz

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PostSubject: Love is Dead (Totgeliebt)   Fri Jul 06, 2007 3:24 am

I hold your letter
In my frozen hand
The last line was long
As long as it burns
My love carries on
With every word another feeling dies
I'm left here in the dark
No memories of you
I close my eyes
It's killing me!

We die when love is dead
It's killing me
We lost the dream we never had
The world is silent
Should forever feel alone
'Cause we are coming
We will never overcome
It's over now

The vultures are waiting
For what's left of us
What can we take it all has no worth
If we loose our trust
They're coming closer
Want you and me
I can feel their claws
Let me go now
I try to brake free


It's over now
The vultures are waiting
For what's left of us
Tak´ng the last of you
And the last of me...
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Love is Dead (Totgeliebt)
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